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The Height of Luxury. Tailored For You.

Make your next vacation one to remember for the rest of your life as you relax aboard the Amanecer. Every charter is uniquely tailored to our guests to ensure the most enjoyable and relaxing stay as possible. Our attentive and experienced crew are always on hand to ensure you step foot back on shore fully recharged and refreshed. Whether you want to play in the water, lounge on board, enjoy freshly-prepared meals, or just get away from it all, the Amanecer is the perfect way to relax during your vacation.

Lounge on Deck

The entire Amanecer was refit from bow to stern to exacting specifications to ensure the most luxurious on-board experience possible. Take in jaw-dropping sunsets and stunning scenery from the most comfortable maritime furniture available.

Sip, Sun and Surf

From the fully-stocked bar, exquisite wine list and the helpful and responsive crew to the top-of-the-line Jacuzzi and the breathtaking scenery of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, the Amanecer is the height of relaxation.

Find Inner Peace

Escape from your worries in the Amanecer’s beautifully-appointed cabins and communal spaces, complete with top-of-the-line amenities. Relax in comfort and style!

On the Water

Whether aboard the Amanecer or the Intrepid, enjoy cruising in comfort and style customized to your tastes and desires.

Everything was fantastic. The crew was unbelievable and the pictures of the boat didn't do it justice. We just hope it's available when we are back next year. Thanks so much for making it available to our group. Everything truly was perfect and we couldn't have a better opinion of the crew.
— Colin
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Offering a variety of fun-filled activities, access to secluded destinations, and sumptuous food and beverage options in one all-inclusive package, we provide all the necessary ingredients for an unforgettable day on the water.


Our philosophy is simple: to deliver a yacht charter experience that surpasses every expectation. The Amanecer is the only way to cruise in the height of luxury with fully customizable packages to some of the most beautiful locations Mexico has to offer.

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