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The Amanecer Featured in Punta Mita Vacations
September 21, 2016

We couldn’t be more proud that the Amanecer was recently featured in Punta Mita Vacations’, promoting our yacht charter services as a vital part of any luxury traveler’s stay in Punta Mita or Puerto Vallarta.

Punta Mita Vacations Amanecer

The staff at Punta Mita Vacations are impressed by the dedication of our crew, the quality of the on-board dining options, and the wide array of in-water activities we have on offer.

A full 105 feet of luxury awaits those who choose to take a cruise on the impressive Amanecer. Considered by most to be the most luxurious yacht in the area, you can expect the ultimate sailing experience. You’ll be perfectly safe and comfortable in the hands of seven highly trained, multi-lingual crew members who are all ready to do everything possible to give you a cruise filled with exceptional service and all of the excitement that you could possibly want.

As long time members of the Punta Mita community, we’re always thrilled to be able to work with travel partners like our friends at Punta Mita Vacations and we couldn’t be happier to be able to provide their readers and visitors a completely unforgettable, luxurious experience aboard the Amanecer and the Intrepid. They’re particularly enamored with our signature evening cruises:

There’s nothing quite like an evening voyage on the Amanecer. You’ll experience a breathtaking sunset over the ocean waters, and you’re free to enjoy a night-lit, ocean swim. When it’s time to pull into the harbor, you can head straight over to the local hot spots for dancing the night away.

We have to say, we agree! Experience a private, personalized charter (or evening voyage!) for yourself by getting in touch today!

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